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Dentistry call numbers and e-books by subject

Subject (e-Books) Call number
Anesthesia in dentistry RK 510 - 512
Complete dentures RK 656 - 663
Crown and bridgework RK 666
Dental adhesives RK 652.7
Dental anatomy RK 280
Dental anesthesia RK 510 - 512
Dental anthropology GN 209
Dental appliances RK 681 - 686
Dental bonding RK 652.7
Dental caries RK 331
Dental ethics RK 52.7
Dental implants RK 667 .I45
Dental materials RK 652
Dental physiology RK 280
Dental practice management RK 58 - 59.3
Dental public health RK 52
Endodontics RK 351 - 356
Forensic dentistry RA 1062
Geriatric dentistry RK 55 .A3
Head and neck surgery RD 520-523
Malocclusion RK 523
Nutritional aspects of dentistry RK 281
Oral and maxillofacial radiology RK 309
Oral and maxillofacial surgery RK 529 - 535
Oral medicine RK 301 - 493
Oral hygiene RK 60.7 - 60.8
Oral microbiology QR 47
Oral pathology RK 301 - 493
Orofacial pain RK 301 - 493
Operative dentistry RK 501 - 519
Orthodontics RK 520 - 528
Otolaryngology RF 40
Partial dentures RK 664 - 666
Pediatric dentistry RK 55 .C5
Periodontics RK 361 - 450
Preventive dentistry RK 60.7 - 60.8
Prosthodontics RK 641 - 667
Restorative dentistry RK 501 - 519
Special Care Dentistry RK 55 .S
Stomatology RC 815
Temporomandibular disorders RK 470
Teeth injuries RK 501