Black History Month - Wikipedia Edit-a-thon by dentistry staff

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We are pleased to announce that our student employees, Brenna Williamson and Usman Malik, participated in the Black History Month Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, throughout the month February 2021. This initiative was organized by UofT Libraries with the aim to highlight Black individuals who contributed to various education fields and professions. Brenna and Usman were able to participate in the Sciences group of staff who researched Black scientists or clinicians. The list below represents includes dentists that contributed to dental education and the profession. Thank you Brenna and Usman for your hard work. Please note, anyone can edit Wikipedia. If you notice any missing information in the pages below, or would like to create a page for an individual who deserves to be recognized, you can do so by becoming a Wikipedia editor. 

Dr. Arlington Franklin Dungy

Dr. William Allen Jones

Donald Willard Moore 

Dr. Roy Perry

Dr. Earl W. Renfroe


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