Requesting Items from UTL Downsview

The Dentistry Library has some of its collection items stored at the UTL Downsview facility for better preservation and space management. This could mean that when searching for dental items in the catalogue, they are appear as held at UTL Downsview, with the status of 'May be requested'. Anyone with an active TCard can request items from UTL Downview to be delivered to the St. George, UTM or UTSC (physical items such as books or journal volumes) for borrowing, or to their email (PDF copy of one article at a time). Please follow the instructions below to order items from UTL Downsview.


Dentistry Books 

Step One: Search the catalogue

Search the catalogue for your favourite dental subject. If an item is marked as ‘UTL Downsview, May be requested’, as the image below, you can request it to be delivered to any UofT campus.


Step Two: Request

Click on Options beside the record information, then Request

 Request Downsview

Step Three: Sign in

Sign in using your library barcode and PIN. Click on the option for Intercampus Delivery to St. George (or another preferred campus) for pick up.

Step Four: Fill out the ICD Intercampus Delivery (ICD) Form 

Fill out the ICD form. For St. George campus delivery, you must select Robarts as a Pick Up Location and click on 'Send this request'. In 2-3 days you will receive an email advising you that the item is ready for pick up at your preferred location.





Ordering PDF copies of Dentistry Journal Articles

Step One: Find the journal name in the catalogue. 

When you need an article that is only available in print at UTL Downview, please search the journal name in the catalogue and click on the catalogue record for that journal.

Step Two: Request

Click on Options and Request.

Request Downsview

Step Three: Sign in

Sign in to your account using your TCard Barcode and PIN. 


Step Four: Request the article

Select Request Intercampus Delivery (ICD) for the item you wish to order and click on Continue. 

Pediatric Dentistry

Step Five: Accept the copyright notice

You must accept the copyright notice to continue with the request.

Copyright Notice

Step Six: Fill out the ICD Form

Enter as much citation information about the article as possible (Title, Volume, Issue, Year, Pages, etc.) and click on ‘Send this request’. The article will be scanned and delivered to your utoronto email.

If you have any questions about ordering items from UTL Downsview, please let us know