Ontario Dental Association : 150th anniversary

The Dentistry Library has set up online and physical displays celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Ontario Dental Association. The online display is available via OMEKA, the University of Toronto Libraries' online exhibit website. It features a brief biography of what is know about the nine men who participated in the first meeting that would later establish the Ontario Dental Association. The meeting took place in Toronto in January 3-5, 1867. The physical display is found at the library and in addition to the biographies of the nine men, it features books from our collection that were useful in 1860s dentistry and that record Canadian dental history.  

The creation of the ODA was important for organized dentistry in Ontario. It allowed its members to regulate the profession and the to establish of a school of dentistry ensuring all practitioners obtained standardized training. It was the members of the ODA who planned and founded the dental school in 1875, then known as the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, later becoming the Faculty of Dentistry at UofT. 




Image by christine hanna from The Noun Project