Dr. Sydney Wood Bradley

Career highlights

·         Dr. Sydney Wood Bradley is listed in the Canadian Dental Directory as a practicing orthodontist in Stittsville, Ontario in 1909.

·         He obtained his DDS from Toronto in 1906.

·         He was very active as on student council as Representative of Graduates throughout his time at the school.

·         He practiced orthodontics for over 50 years.

·         He was active on their Alumni Society and the Eastern Ontario Dental Association. He received an honorary membership of the CDA in 1951.

Contribution to Canadian Dental Association

Dr. Bradley is remembered for his generous contributions to the Canadian Dental Association throughout his life. He served as secretary and as president for the CDA (1922-1924). He was also a President of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario 1945-47. During the 1940s when the CDA encountered financial difficulties, he anonymously helped the CDA stay alive. One of his passions was maintaining the history and records of the CDA, as well as establishing a national library. He made his first contribution to CDA in 1951 to establish a library for all dentists in Canada. His dream was to make the library self-supporting, so that it wouldn’t need funding from its parent organization.